No Time Left

December 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Time has taken itself too serious. There is no space to let me be me, who ever that is that shows up. No moments to set aside while i breathe a little.  Where is the life that floated thru my skull years ago, where’s the one that floated thru yesterday. I am going crazy just trying to survive. I need help but i can’t find any. What ever assistance i get just evaporates over time. Time’s got it all wrapped up. Makes sense for a while then it’s all vague again. There aren’t any beliefs left that can hold it all together. The last ones left an hour ago, they’ll probably be back but they won’t hang around for long….no easy time left in my mind for them. My mind isn’t my mind any longer. The me is leaving along with the beliefs that are hanging around for the last few crumbs of deception to unfold. How do i get outa here, when i’m stuck inside a mobile and i know there is no direction home.

The train stops at the station, the people get off and on, the conductor could see it all but he doesn’t. The trip is a short one but it takes so long and you end up right close to where you started out from to begin with. A life time passes by and you watch it slow, an eternal flow of thought gets sucked into a universe and you feel it coming to an end. Thought is leaving you alone, it can survive in thin air, but not out here. There is no need for thought where we’re going soon. It may seem like a long time, but not in the last moments. In the last moments there just aren’t any thoughts strong enough to hold you down. The other side isn’t far from here, it’s just a twist of the neck, a deep sleep, a ride you can’t remember.

I don’t know why it has to be that way but it just is, here  has nothing that last forever, eternity moves, awareness is everywhere, there is no way of telling how it is, no memory comes out alive, from here there is nothing to say about it but these few words talking around bends of light and darkness.

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